How to start a challenge?


We challenge you and your class to get active!

Start a challenge with you class – and invite your friends and family to take part by sending them a postcard!


Food solutions

1. Make groups and look at your life

Have a look at your nutrition, mobility, housing, electronic devices, clothes, waste and so on …

  • Where do you produce CO2?
  • How could you do certain things more climate friendly?
  • Collect ideas: What would you do to emit less CO2 during a defined time?

Transport solution

2. Present the ideas in the class and discuss which challenge you want to realize

The teacher should support the class to find a good challenge – take time to discuss with the class, this negociation is an important part:

  • Can you realise it?
  • Is the time defined?
  • Is it not too easy, will you be proud about it?
  • How big is the impact? Can you change something  to make the impact higher?
  • Who can imagine to take part?
  • Those who can’t imagine: What would need to be changed, so you would be ready to take part?
  • Is it attractive? If not – how can it be made more attractive?

Adapt the challenge, till you it is a motivating challenge, in which all wan’t to take part.

Examples of challenges: Our class reduces CO2 emissions by …

  • eating vegetarian in school 3 days a week
  • using textile bags instead of plastic bags during 2 weeks
  • planting herbs, trees or vegetables in our school during 1 day
  • realising a clothes, book or game swap in our school day x
  • inviting for a solar cooked snack at our school day x
  • organising a climate friendly excursion with your class for day x

Clothes solutions

3. Define what you do to celebrate and if you don‘ succeed.

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