Making use of the Internet in climate education

DSC02486June has been a busy month for the Hot stuff climate net with young people on two different continents sharing the knowledge and experiences on climate change and sustainability.

Firstly, the Hotstuff day on 11th June saw classes in Switzerland, Uganda, Kenya and Hungary all at once meet online to witness the ceremony to mark the end of an international climate friendly consumption contest where more than forty entries were registered. Secondly, the ecological project week in Basel was graced by the online appearances (via skype and facebook) of two different Ugandan classes.

Not so long ago, for groups of students to meet at once they had to travel from one place to another since the telephones could not be able to achieve the kind of direct touch the internet via chats and video calls provides today.

The internet does not only save time and logistical needs but also avoids the general carbon foot print of the participants. Well, with this achievement Hot stuff climate net will be able in future to have more countries on different continents meet and share experiences and knowledge on climate change and sustainability since it affects us all.